STEM Workshop: What Is It All About?

STEM/STEAM are new hot topics in the world of early childhood education.  The idea of integrating science, math and engineering concepts into our everyday curriculum helps us expose our children to new experiences.  It also help identify new skills and open our children's minds as they explore the world of science!

What's New for 2017!

​ChildrenRFirst           Helping Teachers Help Children

We are constantly trying to provide new workshops that provide early childhood professionals with new ideas that will improve their teaching and their children's experience in their classrooms.  We constantly adding new workshops highlighted on this page.  Be sure to check in for new updates!

What Do Fairy Tales Teach Us?

This workshop takes a look at the classic fairy tales to discover why children love them so much and what life lessons are taught through each story.  In addition, we discuss unique ways to include fairy tales into your lesson plans.


Beyond the ABC's and 123's: Understanding Social Competence:  Our little students need all of the basic academic knowledge to progress into kindergarten.  However, we also need to provide children with an understanding of social situations and how to handle themselves.  It also helps teacher identify different types of  social personalities.