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Providing Quality Trainings for Early Childhood Professionals!

Children R First offers quality trainings for early childhood professionals in Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas.

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Nicole D Lumpkin, M.Ed.

ChildrenRFirst is committed to meeting your staff's needs to make sure they receive the training hours they need and come away with new ideas to implement into their classrooms. We offer a variety of workshops including classroom management, lesson plan enhancements, art techniques, math and science boosters, as well as learning theories and techniques. 

Trainings can be offered in a 1 hour session or can be modified to best meet your needs. Workshops can be offered as lunch-n-learn sessions, after hours training sessions, or weekend workshops. We come to your school on a designated date and time.  We provide handouts, supplies, and certificates to document the training hours for attending staff.

Most of all, we provide a welcoming environment for everyone to share ideas and experiences and learn from one another to make our early childhood environment better and more effective.